We’ll Fix It In The Mix

Have you got a recording that you put your heart and soul into, yet the sonics just aren’t right? Or perhaps you just know you couldn’t do “that” solo again, although the rest of the track could sound better?

In an Ideal world there would be no need for mixing or editing. Tracks would get recorded exactly how we want them to sound in the final product and entire songs would instantly sound exactly as they did in our heads.

Unfortunately, things are rarely ideal. Until you’ve had them mixed properly!

Many people I’ve spoken to have had tracks recorded, then mixed in the same session before they’ve left the recording studio. Two weeks later, they’re unhappy with the results. If you want professional results, that always sound good then that is NOT the best way to do it. But do not fear! I can save your recordings by mixing them to their true potential, bringing out the best elements to make your track shine.

The Audio Mixing Process

For audio mixing projects, this is generally how it works:

  1. We will talk about the record, what you want from it, who your inspirations are and what your vision is.
  2. I will provide a quote based on the recordings and what you want to achieve.  I’ll also offer advice and can put you in touch with others services if your track needs more than just mixing to get it to where you want it to be.
  3. Once we’ve agreed the price and what is and isn’t included, I will tell you how to best format and send me the recorded tracks you have.
  4. I will disappear and mix your new masterpiece.  I will send you draft 1.
  5. You listen in your own time on all your speakers and make a list of any tweaks or changes you want.
  6. I will go through your list for you and send you draft 2 of the mix
  7. If we’ve agreed more revisions this process will continue until you’re happy or the number of agreed revisions has been reached.

At the end of the mix I’ll deliver:

  • An unmastered, full resolution, uncompressed mix
  • A Quasi-mastered version of the mix you can burn to CD
  • A Quasi-mastered 320kbps MP3 file
  • Any other requested formats where possible

* By quasi-mastered I mean that the track will be brought up to a reasonable commercial level and have some basic EQ and limiting/compression applied to it.  The quasi-master isn’t supposed to be a professionally mastered product but gives you a better idea of wha the finished track will sound like when played back-to-back with other commercial recordings.

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If you need still need to record or re-record any instruments or parts for your mixing project then I can offer recording services.

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Editing, synthesis, additional FX, MIDI programming re-amping and re-sampling isn’t included in mixing quotes.
I can offer these production services as additions to your mixing project.

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My Mixing Approch

Blueleaf StudioI always attempt to make inspiring mixes. Rather than working to a technical formula, my mixes are based on the most inspiring elements of your track combined with the message and aims of the music to produce mixes which will grow on you over time and can be listened to over and over again. I use a mixture of software and hardware, analog summing and inspired listening to create a professional mix that talks to the listener.

The mix is always based on the aims of the track, do you want a radio-ready mix with clear vocals or a bass booming blaster for giant sound systems? Either way we’ll discuss your track and what you want to get out of it. Generally, I like to make the first mix draft on my own, but I’ll always give you the chance to give me your comments and request mix alterations before giving you the final product.

Audio Mastering

Most people ask the question “what is mastering?”  Mastering is the last creative step in the audio production process.   It is the last opportunity to enhance the sound before distribution and release of your record.  It is a bit like audio proof-reading, in which the mix will be examined under the audio microscope and get its seal of approval.  The mix may already be good enough and need no further processing, but this very act of approval means your track is as good as can be.    After mastering, you may have several different files, one for each of your release formats together with any meta-data or CD information embedded in the files.

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