Recording In The Zone – Make every take the best take

As a musician and fellow artist, I have a somewhat different approach to recording. I prefer, when possible, to use a single-room set up. Getting down and dirty with the musicians and the instruments puts us all on the same page and makes communication a breeze, but that’s not all. I’m not just going to sit there on my phone while you pour your soul out onto the studio floor. I’m going to get into your groove, feel the music and offer my humble opinions to help you create the the best piece of music possible. Mediocre just doesn’t cut it anymore.

I have a small but potent collection of professional microphones, which are carefully chosen to bring out the character of your instrument and performance.

After the recordings have been made I can mix the track for you.  I prefer to do the mixing on a different day for best results. If you have another mix engineer in mind then I will supply a full resolution, unmixed, uncompressed .wav version of each channel that was recorded. Please remember to provide the transfer medium, this can be a USB flash drive or an external hard disk, or alternatively I can transfer the files via DropBox, Google Drive or FTP.

Preparing for a recording session

To make sure you get the most from your recording session you should always come prepared.  It’s surprising how often people arrive having not taken these steps:

  • Make sure the material has been fully arranged and composed.
  • You and I both need to know which instruments are going to be recorded in advance.
  • Make sure you have practised your parts well and know them inside and out.
  • Ensure your instrument is in full working order – have new reeds, fresh strings or whatever else your instruments requires.  Make sure it’s set up properly and feels good to play.
  • Get a good nights sleep – you want to be on the ball and well-fed when you arrive.
  • And, hardest of all after so much preparation and hard work, keep an open mind in the studio and allow new ideas to take hold as the recording commences.

It’s also beneficial if you supply me with any rough recording of the song or track to date, in advance of the session.  Send me inspirations as well as other recordings you want it to sound like.  The more you can help me get on board with your vision for the song, the better the results will be.

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