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I provide a place for you to realise your sonic vision.
We refine your ideas into a great recording, together.
I mix and master so you sound professional and inspiring
I will work with you until your music is exactly how you want it.

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Get that magic take

No matter how good you are, your sound is limited by the equipment used to record it.

I have producer access to the best studios in the region and use high level equipment and expertise to make sure your recording sounds it’s best.


Sound amazing. Stand out

Years of experience means I know what to adjust to make sounds work.

I will pay attention to your vision and go the extra mile to achieve the sound you want.


Realise your vision

Many things make a recording successful. Songwriting, editing, promotion, artwork and planning a release.

I can help develop you as an artist and make your recording a success.

You’re Ready To Take Your Music Career Up A Notch

In todays modern music industry, it’s not large commercial studios with impressive gear collections or expensive acoustics that you need to be a successful music artist. You need a producer, engineer and friend who can help you realise your vision and achieve your goals. With todays technology and some creative shnazz you can sound your very best while keeping things personal and cost-effective.

Maybe you have an album or EP but not the one you love, or more importantly not the one that’s getting you seen and heard by a bigger audience. You know that a skilfully produced, inspiring recording is the important investment you need to make to take your music to the next level.

This is where I come in. As your producer, I’ll pay attention to your ideas and map out your vision. I’ll listen to your demo and give you feedback. We’ll have fun as I record, mix, and produce a professional track that you’ll be proud to sell and share with the world.

The important thing is that you, the artist, feel comfortable, in your element, and end up with a track that you are 100% happy with.

Who am I?

My name is Ralph Stokes and I love Music.  I have 10 years of experience playing, producing, creating and crafting music as well as a degree in music production.   I can help you achieve professional results and realise your musical ideas using a combination of musical and technical experience.  As a musician I can anticipate and understand your needs. As an artist I can offer helpful, creative suggestions. And as an engineer, I can help you to craft the sounds and sonic quality your music needs.

Professional equipment and a positive attitude in a relaxed home setting provides the space for you to feel the music. I have relaxing gardens, a colourful and comfortable conservatory, home kitchen and a country pub just down the road! Here you can find a space to create in, giving you the inspiration you need to make great music.

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Equipment and facilities are incredible and Ralph is a pleasure to work with. He offers thoughtful insights and ideas and knows so much!! His time and expertise were so valuable and a huge part of why I will continue to record at Blueleaf Studio. The whole experience is professional , enjoyable and I would absolutely recommend Blueleaf Studio to anyone looking to record.

Izzy Finch – Vocalist, Songwriter

Ralph is not only a gifted musician but a wonderful human being and these are just two of the qualities that make him one of the best music producers and sound engineers to work with.  Ralph’s friendly and attentive attitude helps finalise the answers to how you want your music to sound and supports you throughout the journey from the set up of musical instruments to the final master. His wholehearted interest for achieving the best result and finding your own unique sound inspires.

Julija Jacenaite – Vocalist – In Jazz Veritas

At Blueleaf Studio, the chilled environment makes a calm and peaceful studio.  We feel the location has some natural energy and that nature is definitely on our side.  So, we also feel we have gained some positive energy, with some natural cool vibes recording at Blueleaf.  Michael Lion and the Defenders would happily recommend this studio to any artists, we think you will get great results.

Michael Lion – Vocalist – Michael Lion and the Defenders

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Blueleaf Studio Multi-media Services

Go beyond just making a record, I can also help you with art work, logos, promotional material and website design & development.

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