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My name is Ralph.  I believe in the power of music.

Do you need some extra help realising your sonic vision?
Do you need someone to bounce ideas off during the process of making a record?
Do you have a mix that doesn’t stand out or inspire?

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Get That Magic Take

Hire me to capture every nuance of an inspiring performance. I can help you get in the zone, feel relaxed and comfortable.  As a musician I can anticipate your needs and offer helpful, friendly musical and technical suggestions during the recording process.  I can capture the sounds you’re looking for with precision and attention.

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Do Your Tracks Sound Their Best?

Have you recorded a track, mixed it in the same session and been disappointed with the final results?  Do your mixes just need that final polish?  I can help you achieve a better result, turning your hard-earned recording into pure vibes.  I listen to your needs and incorporate what you want the music to say to your audience into your mix, making it stand out from the mundane.

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Re-amping | Editing | Synthesis

I’d love to help you with your project and can offer numerous audio production services or help you source the service you need including; State of the art Re-amping, Synthesis, MIDI Programming, Drum, Vocal and Audio Editing, Songwriting feedback, help with composition and arrangement and sourcing session players for your project.

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Fully Equipped For Good Vibes and Good Sound

My name is Ralph Stokes and I love Music.

I have 10 years of experience playing, producing, creating and crafting music as well as a degree in music production.   I can help you achieve professional results and realise your musical ideas using a combination of musical and technical experience.  As a musician I can anticipate and understand your needs. As an artist I can offer helpful, creative suggestions. And as an engineer, I can help you to craft the sounds and sonic quality your music needs.

Professional equipment and a positive attitude in a relaxed home setting provides the space for you to feel the music. I have relaxing gardens, a colourful and comfortable conservatory, home kitchen and a country pub just down the road! Here you can find a space to create in, giving you the inspiration you need to make great music.

I record, mix and master using a hybrid analog and digital workstation. Utilising a plethora of techniques honed over many years of playing and creating music. Just like you, I’m growing and learning all the time. I’m always striving to improve the quality of what I do – perfection as a journey rather than a goal.

Equipment and facilities are incredible and Ralph is a pleasure to work with. He offers thoughtful insights and ideas and knows so much!! His time and expertise were so valuable and a huge part of why I will continue to record at Blue Leaf. The whole experience is professional , enjoyable and I would absolutely recommend Blue Leaf to anyone looking to record.

Izzy Finch – Vocalist, Songwriter

Ralph is not only a gifted musician but a wonderful human being and these are just two of the qualities that make him one of the best music producers and sound engineers to work with.  Ralph’s friendly and attentive attitude helps finalise the answers to how you want your music to sound and supports you throughout the journey from the set up of musical instruments to the final master. His wholehearted interest for achieving the best result and finding your own unique sound inspires.

Julija Jacenaite – Vocalist – In Jazz Veritas

At Blueleaf Studio, the chilled environment makes a calm and peaceful studio.  We feel the location has some natural energy and that nature is definitely on our side.  So, we also feel we have gained some positive energy, with some natural cool vibes recording at Blueleaf.  Michael Lion and the Defenders would happily recommend this studio to any artists, we think you will get great results.

Michael Lion – Vocalist – Michael Lion and the Defenders

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Blueleaf Studio Multi-media Services

Go beyond just making a record, I can also help you with art work, logos, promotional material and website design & development.

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