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Don't let your song down

Without a great mix, the priceless hours you’ve spent creating your track are worthless.

Never fall victim to a lackluster mix again. This could make your break your track.

I can take raw tracks you’ve recorded or produced at any professional or home studio and turn them in polished, professional tracks ready for release.


Sound amazing. Stand out

Without a strong master, you can’t stand out and immerse your listeners.

Don’t put in countless hours of work, creative ideas and your hard-earned money, only to get a final product that destroys everything you’ve done.

I can create a release-ready final master that translates perfectly onto any type of listening system or environment and will sound good on any platform.


Finish your tracks

For artists with a voice memo, half-finished production or song idea.

I can take you all the way through the process from songwriting all the way to final master, so you can be confident you sound your best when you put your art out into the world.

Includes arrangement, recording, synthesis, programming, editing, mixing and mastering. Let me take care of everything technical so you can get creative.

Why Hire Me?

Hi, I’m Ralph! I’ve been writing, producing, performing and recording music for most of my adult life.

I’ve struggled, conquered and succeeded with music many times. I’ve experienced the pains and joys of being passionate about music. I’ve been where you are today, and I understand exactly what it’s like to be an artist.

I’ve worked with many artists and musicians to bring their ideas to life, and made many friends in the process.

I say this because I want you to know that the music you’ve worked so hard to create is in the hands of someone who cares about you and your art and knows what they’re doing.

I’m here to make you sound great, that’s it.

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Equipment and facilities are incredible and Ralph is a pleasure to work with. He offers thoughtful insights and ideas and knows so much!! His time and expertise were so valuable and a huge part of why I will continue to record at Blueleaf Studio. The whole experience is professional , enjoyable and I would absolutely recommend Blueleaf Studio to anyone looking to record.

Izzy Finch – Vocalist, Songwriter

Ralph is not only a gifted musician but a wonderful human being and these are just two of the qualities that make him one of the best music producers and sound engineers to work with.  Ralph’s friendly and attentive attitude helps finalise the answers to how you want your music to sound and supports you throughout the journey from the set up of musical instruments to the final master. His wholehearted interest for achieving the best result and finding your own unique sound inspires.

Julija Jacenaite – Vocalist – In Jazz Veritas

At Blueleaf Studio, the chilled environment makes a calm and peaceful studio.  We feel the location has some natural energy and that nature is definitely on our side.  So, we also feel we have gained some positive energy, with some natural cool vibes recording at Blueleaf.  Michael Lion and the Defenders would happily recommend this studio to any artists, we think you will get great results.

Michael Lion – Vocalist – Michael Lion and the Defenders

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Go beyond just making a record, I can also help you with art work, logos, promotional material and website design & development.

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