Music Production

Post Production for Music – The Art of Sound

I’ve produced bands and electronic tracks over the years and have gained experience and contacts in nearly every facet of music production. I can help with a range of audio post production tasks and outsource many others for you – whatever your needs and I’ll be happy to help out.


Did you hit one bum note in the studio that you didn’t notice on the day? Do your drums drift out of time? Maybe you were rushed in the studio and everything needs to be tightened up a bit.

It is amazing what a bit of careful, precision and selective editing can do for a recording. It makes mixing infinitely better and can cover up painful mistakes in what was an expensive recording for you or your band.

I can carry out all audio-editing tasks. Fixing drum timing, tidying up guitar tracks, removing noises, silence and breaths from vocal tracks, you name it. Get in touch to discuss your needs.


Do your guitar tones suck? Or did you regret having the gain turned up so much? Or perhaps you just didn’t have the time to dial in the tone you wanted in the studio.

Whatever the case I can re-amp your guitars, creating tones you’ve only dreamed of. All you need to do is provide me with a dry track of your guitar take. We can talk about the amps you like, the artist or record you want your guitar to sound like and using the industry-leading amp modeller, the Axe FX from fractal audio, I will make this dream a reality.


Need some extra oomf? Some fx, textures or pads to polish your track? Perhaps you need to work on an electronic score for a performance piece or backing track?

I have spent much of my music career synthesising sounds for music, both digital and analog, hardware and software. I can create atmospheric soundscapes and punchy drum sounds, sub-bass reinforcement and psychedelic effects.


So you went into the studio and recorded your song but your drum sounds suck.  Or perhaps they’re just not right for the song or the mix?

Fear not! Using carefully crafted and unique samples, I can replace one or all of your drum sounds while maintaining all of the original timing and feeling.

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