About Blueleaf Studio

Blueleaf Studio is my home-based place of work in Callerton, on the edge of Newcastle upon Tyne.  I cover many creative aspects of audio recording, music production and web design.  But, I hear you ask, Who am I?

My name is Ralph Stokes.  I started playing guitar at the age of 14 and a few years later built my own PC and started exploring the world of sounds available to me.  I played in bands and created my own tracks for many years.  I begun my freelance career after studying a degree in Music Production at Newcastle Collage.  During my music degree, I found myself creating websites for friends and colleagues.  With great success this became my main source of income for many years and finally allowed me to create a fully-fledged recording and mixing studio.

I record, mix and master using a hybrid analog and digital workstation. Utilising a plethora of techniques honed over many years of playing and creating music. Just like you, I’m growing and learning all the time. I’m always striving to improve the quality of what I do – perfection as a journey rather than a goal. I have never stopped creating music and improving my musical knowledge, skills and experiences.  I’m passionate about all of my work and naturally I want everything I do to be the best I can make it.

As an audio engineer, producer and musician, I strive to create entertaining and artistic music that can be enjoyed the world over.  I pay close attention to detail and don’t compromise on quality.  I believe that music always has something to say and I like to focus on original and inspired elements of a track.  I’m open to new Ideas and ways of doing things, but also have a structured approach that helps me tune in and envision the sound you want for your project.

I’m also an environmentalist and Animal-lover.  I believe that all business should not place profit before the health of the planet and it’s people.  You can read more about my Blueleaf approach to business here.  I like to travel and want to see the world, meet it’s inhabitants and gawk at it’s beauty.  I enjoy gardening or any opportunity to get out from my computer chair or away from my laptop.

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