An Inspiring Space to Create

Blueleaf Studio provides a great place for you to get inspired, relax and feel comfortable without compromising quality or professionalism.  The homely atmosphere has been lovingly created for you to get the best recording you can.

Many artists comment on how the location makes them feel good while they are here.  It is my hope that it can provide you with memorable and enjoyable experience as well as a great sounding record.


  • Kitchen
  • Gardens
  • Conservatory and hi-fi listening space
  • On-street Parking Space
  • Great surroundings

Recording Facilities

  • Acoustically treated, combined recording and control room
  • Movable acoustic panels
  • 3-way studio monitor system with calibrated listening position
  • 32 simultaneous analog channels to and from the computer
  • Selection of budget and boutique microphones, growing all the time!

Equipment (For all you gear slutz and tech heads)

  • Mac OS X running Logic Pro X and Ableton Live
  • Antelope Orion32+ Gen III AD/DA Interface
  • MIDAS Venice F32 Mixing Console
  • Axe FX II state-of-the art guitar amp modeller and outboard effects unit
  • Drum Kit – Yamaha Stage Custom
  • AKG C414 Stereo Pair
  • U-47 replicated Mic by Micheal Joly
  • JE87 small diaphragm condenser mic’s
  • Selection of dynamic drum and instrument mic’s including D112, SM57 and SM58
  • Selection of less-known condenser mics
  • Adam A7X Monitors and Adam 8 Sub, carefully positioned and calibrated
  • Avantone MixCube mono monitor
  • 6 Headphone channels for ensemble recordings
  • Hardware synthesisers: Korg Minilogue, MS20 and MS2000, Roland GAIA, Behringer Model D
  • And more, growing all the time!